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Our Vision and Mission

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Association of Neonatal Therapists is emerging out of a pursuit to inspire and support the community, and a desire for actions to speak louder than words. Established in 2018, we’re an organization driven by progressive ideas, bold actions, and a strong foundation of support. Contact us to learn more and get involved.


Encourage the development of skilled and qualified Neonatal Therapists in India.


The mission of the society is to represent the professional group of Neonatal Therapy in India and to endeavor to support the development of knowledge and skills within this field to members, in order to facilitate the delivery of the highest quality of care in the field of practice.

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Newborn's Care

Definition: Neonatal Therapy

Chrysty Sturdivant, A Collaborative Approach to Defining Neonatal Therapy,
Newborn and Infant Nursing Reviews,
Volume 13, Issue 1, 2013.

Neonatal Therapy is the art and science of integrating typical development of the infant and family into the environment of the NICU.

It incorporates theories and scopes of practice from the respective disciplines of occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech language pathology.

It requires advanced knowledge of the diagnoses and medical interventions inherent to the NICU setting in order to provide safe and effective assessment, planning and treatment.

At this early point in the lifespan, Neonatal Therapy promotes optimal long-term developmental outcomes and nurtures infant-parent relationships by addressing the following synergistic neurodevelopmental systems: neurobehavioral, neuromotor, neuroendocrine, musculoskeletal, sensory, and psychosocial.

These systems provide the foundation for the development of functional skills.

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Aims & Objectives of ANT

A Bit Specific

Here at Association of Neonatal Therapists, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place for all. Our decision making process is informed by comprehensive empirical studies and high quality data evaluation. 

1.    To set and ensure the ethical practices at national level and also to promote high professional standards in the field of Neonatal Therapy by the members of Association Neonatal Therapists.

2.      To share scientific experience and research with colleagues, and also with Pediatricians, Neonatologist, Nurses and allied professionals dealing with neonates/ newborns.

3.      Advance and promote the study and general knowledge of treatment of the neonates/ newborns.

4.      To make collaborative links with key people and organizations associated with Neonatal Therapy.

5.      Association Neonatal Therapists is going to represent Neonatal Therapists in India. It will work for the development of its members, as well as ensuring that Neonatal Therapy is provided for all those who need the service.

6.      To organize host and evaluate annual conferences with Pediatricians, Neonatologist, Nurses and allied professionals at national and international level.

7.      Publish and promote understanding and information in order to encourage high standards of care and research in this field.

8.      To assist and ensure that Neonatal Therapy  is provided for all who need the service with a range of problems to maximize their functioning, minimize long term morbidity of developmental issues of children and significant others.

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Neonatal therapy expertize as essential for optimal delivery of an integrated family-centered neuroprotective care model.

Journal of Perinatology

Risk-adjusted/neuroprotective care services in the NICU: the elemental role of the neonatal therapist

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Neonatal Therapist

Chrysty Sturdivant, A Collaborative Approach to Defining Neonatal Therapy,
Newborn and Infant Nursing Reviews,
Volume 13, Issue 1, 2013, Pages 23-26

Neonatal Therapists are an essential part of the NICU team. A Neonatal Therapist is an occupational therapist, physical therapist or speech language pathologist who delivers holistic direct patient care and consultative services to premature and medically complex infants in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Using an integrated, neuroprotective, family-centered model, Neonatal Therapists provide highly specialized and individualized therapeutic interventions in the NICU. These interventions support optimal long-term development, prevent adverse sequelae, and nurture the infant-family dyad. Neonatal Therapists provide education to the family and NICU team.

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About the Role

Job Description

The description that follows is a list of possible responsibilities. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

1) Evaluation and treatment of infants in the NICU with a variety of diagnoses which may affect the following systems: family and psychosocial, neurodevelopment, neuromotor, neurobehavioral, musculoskeletal, sensory, oral motor and feeding/swallowing.

2) In addition to problem-based referrals, complete developmental assessments and treatment plans on all infants <1500g (or <32 weeks GA) at birth. Proceed with individualized therapeutic intervention based on treatment plan. Therapeutic interventions optimize development and facilitate the prevention of adverse sequelae due to prematurity and/or iatrogenic problems associated with prolonged hospitalization.

3) Complete feeding/dysphagia assessments and treatment as indicated

4) Splint as indicated

5) Educate all new nursing staff regarding therapy in the NICU, oral feeding, premature infant development and developmental care. 

6) Educate new residents (teaching hospitals) regarding developmentally supportive care, role of therapy in the NICU and oral feeding practice.

7) Educate neonatal fellows (teaching hospitals) regarding preterm infant development and feeding.

8) Oversee developmental care practice in the NICU;

Lead or participate in Developmental Care Committee.

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