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Need of an identity and recognition!

Updated: Aug 18, 2018

On 72nd Independence day of India, we launched Association of Neonatal Therapists (ANT). It was digital launch. As a polite beginning, we used Logo as a display picture on Whats-app and send message to the therapists.

We received a warm welcome. Many of them congratulated us for the venture, some wanted to be a part of it. Some were surprised to see the venture and some questioned the need of the entire exercise. In a short while, I started reflecting on the things we have done so far and why have done this. We did it to gain identity to our work of interacting with babies and families in NICU, for getting a professional role which will be exclusive for us, for connect to like-minded people so that we can increase our horizon. Presently we have limitations in our practice because of various contextual factors in addition our own knowledge. Together we can definitely achieve to a large extent.

It's curvy, uncertain road ahead....but we have a Goal.

We individually were thinking for a long time about the venture. Some people suggested it. We ignored it. We spoke our mind our surprise we were thinking on the same line. We discussed and forgot for a long time. We explored and realized few are involved in similar venture away from our place. But determined to have our own home on our own land and for our own culture. We decided not to repeat mistake of " Somebody...Everybody....Nobody". We decided our vision and mission, slowly listed the objectives to do.

Now we have the goal. We want help and can ask anyone...because we know our destination. Our few steps will create the road for the future generations. refine the

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